Entebbe, July 21

We have arrived in Entebbe and are sitting here typing this post as the girls giggle and play a game in the common room of our hotel. They have really bonded over this experience and have become a tight knit group of world travellers with a penchant for hot chapatti and fresh mangoes. 

Our week in Ibanda left us with a sense of accomplishment after delivering numerous literacy workshops to enthusiastic students and opening the doors to a budding new library. 

We’ve reached the threshold of reflection on an incredible journey and anticipation of returning home to you, our loved ones! Tomorrow will see us visiting a women’s centre and having one final supper together in Uganda before an early morning flight takes us all the way back to Vancouver on Monday. See you then!

Thanks and enjoy your weekend,

Katie, Anja and Marianne

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2 thoughts on “Entebbe, July 21

  1. Jose

    Thank you for all your postings in this journal. It has been very touching and motivating, you have left a mark in this troublesome world. We need a lot more people like you!!!
    Have a safe trip back home Jose

  2. Janet Abrioux

    We”re glad to hear your having fun and giggling. We’re looking forward to seeing you and hearing all the stories. Have a good flight back. We miss you.
    love Janet and Patrice Abrioux

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