Ibanda, July 17th

Well, we have seen much since last we posted! Lions, elephants, hippos, crocodiles, baboons, monkeys, buffalo and more birds than we could possibly name. Queen Elizabeth Park was a safari experience of a lifetime and we left Sunday with many images and memories to share.

We are now in Ibanda, settling into a routine at Kimunyu Memorial Primary School. After a warm welcome from students and staff, we have already begun to deliver our literacy workshops and the library is quickly taking shape! This town is lovely, surrounded by rolling hills and winding country roads lined with children and banana trees. Time now feels short and it’s difficult to believe we will be back in Vancouver in less than a week!

Electricity, let alone internet, is in short and sporadic supply, but we will aim to be in touch once or twice more before leaving Uganda. We are here in Ibanda until Saturday, at which point we will make the long drive back to Entebbe for a quick visit and debrief. Everyone is doing great and we continue to be incredibly proud of the way our girls are representing their school and their country over here.

Thanks, as always, for your comments and support. We can’t wait to share our experience with you in person!

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2 thoughts on “Ibanda, July 17th

  1. Janet Abrioux

    It was great to hear from you! Enjoy your last week in Ibanda with the school kids. It will be lots of fun setting up and adding to the library. The primary students will thoroughly enjoy your stories and reading programs. Have fun. We are proud of you. We are thinking about you. Take care of yourselves. These are memories that will last forever!
    Janet and Patrice Abrioux

    • Jose

      It makes my heart smile, the sun shines even brighter in my days and I am very proud of all of you!
      Jose (Katie’s dad)

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