We’re off to see the Lions and Chimps and Hippos – Oh My!

Wasuze otya!

As I write, the girls are enjoying a last breakfast overlooking the textured, misty ridges that stretch out in all directions from our patio-perch at Hotel Zebra in Masaka.

The past couple of days have been packed with new and exciting experiences. The girls enjoyed perusing the main street in Masaka where vendors sell everything from jackfruit, mangoes(less than 25 cents for 5!), passionfruit and beautiful fabrics, to doughnuts( these were a huge hit!) and junky plastic toys from China.

A second visit to Taso provided the opportunity to interview a counsellor from the center who provides services for clients with HIV. Their questions reflected a keen interest in the emotional and social implications as well as the scientific details of the pathology.

Perhaps one of the most powerful experiences of the trip thus far, our trip to The Good Samaritan School for the Deaf, yesterday afternoon left students and teachers alike considering taking up lessons in sign language when we return to Canada.

The acutely attentive and friendly children and teachers at the school welcomed us warmly and gave us “sign names” after we signed our names for them in alphabet form. They use a distinctive facial quality to decide the name. As I recall, for example, Ellen was a hand sweeping her forehead to signify her bangs, Amelia a pinch of the chin to emulate her cute little chin. Ask your daughter about her “sign name” and I’m sure she will show it to you, along with many more signs that they learned form the children.

We laughed, played and signed with the children and teachers at the school for hours and could barely be torn away when it was time to head back to masaka. Upon returtn to YHS in the fall the girls are considering setting up an email exchange for the students at the school for the deaf and some young Yorkies. What a great way to build and continue connections!

After these jam-packed days in Masaka, the girls have packed their bags for a Safari in Queen Elizabeth Park. After breakfast, we’re off to spot a lion or two!

Until next time, nkwagaliza bulungi!

-Ms. Sigloch

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2 thoughts on “We’re off to see the Lions and Chimps and Hippos – Oh My!

  1. Lynne Stanger

    How exciting! I sent your news to student Haley Horton who is fluent in sign language. I have often encouraged her to set-up a club so this would be a wonderful opportunity for her, teachers and our students. I will follow-up with her and see if she would be keen. Enjoy the animals!!!

  2. Janet Abrioux

    Have fun on the safari !!! By the time you get this message, you will have said “hi” to the chimps, hippos, and lions. This African adventure seems to be getting better and better. Enjoy the kids and people in Uganda. I am sure they are so very special ! We are proud of you girls for going there.
    love Janet and Patrice Abrioux

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