Masaka, Day 1

Hello everyone!

We have officially begun our incredible adventure here in Uganda. Yesterday was our first day waking up in Masaka and it is already starting to feel familiar. We had breakfast at the hotel and hit the dusty trail (literally) for Tekera where we would spend the day touring a local farmer’s co-op, elementary school and women’s craft initiative all started by a Canadian couple about 7 years ago. It was a little Ugandan Utopia! We saw pineapples growing, played with children for hours and walked to the local water source (aka The Magic Tree) in an effort to gain greater understanding of the value of simple natural resources that we take for granted in Canada. Some highlights included playing duck-duck-goose with the little ones, learning from local women how to weave baskets and getting to know our local community a little bit better.

Today we head to a nearby town called Kitengesa where we will visit the library and discuss literacy activities with some UBC students who are here on an internship right now. We will also spend a bit of time at the secondary school next to the library where we hear they are hosting their annual science fair today – that will be of interest to many of our girls! We are fortunate enough to be going to a special BBQ dinner tonight at a German (?!) restaurant in town as well. The girls are enjoying breakfast on the patio as I type this and all are doing really well. We are so impressed with their enthusiasm and genuine curiosity. What a team!!

I will update in a couple of days as internet really is a bit of a challenge here. Should you need to contact us in case of emergency, however, we now have 2 active cell phones. The numbers are: 256.793.278.525 and 256.792.124.265. We are keeping the phones turned off in general, but will be checking for messages each night.

Thanks, as always, for your love and support!

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One thought on “Masaka, Day 1

  1. Lynne Stanger

    What a great day – a German restaurant, go figure!

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